Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thirsty Boy Thursday Site

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Ottawa's Famous Mens's Night for over 12 years

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Our full schedule

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Thirsty Boy Thursday has been Ottawa's Favourite Mens Night for over 12 years.

Ottawa's most popular men's night!!  Every Thursday the Thirsty Boys come out to DRINK, DANCE and PLAY;). 
Spotlighting the FAMOUS PUMP HOUR from 11-12 with the drinks and draught pouring for ONLY $4

The dance floor is also Pumping all night with the Top 40 dance beats from some of the BEST DJ'S in Canada.

All of this and NO COVER....EVER on Thursday!!

Once you are here it is easy to see why Thirsty Boy has been the #1 Gay men's Thursday destination for the past 12 years and counting!!!

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